Saturday, February 11, 2012

The cult of celebrity

When I tell people that I grew up on a farm without computers or the Internet or newspapers they immediately think I was in a cult.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, my parents raised their children outside of a cult - the cult of celebrity.

My parents, who are both wonderful people, decided to go off the grid and raise their children outside the influences of movies, TV and the Internet.  Their concern was that Western culture encourages the worship of false idols, i.e. celebrities. 

That's not to say that my parents were religious fanatics either - they're not.  They just wanted the right kind of influences for their kids.  This came in the form of book learning and practical experiences.

So when I see an actor I am not unconditionally impressed just because the media tells me I should be.  I am much more impressed with people with actual achievements; literates, scientists, teachers, etc.

I'm not dismissing actors out-of-hand, but worshiping someone who pretends to be someone else is just kind of silly, isn't it?


  1. No truer words have been spoken. Thanks Sue.

  2. It's funny that I never thought of it as worship but I guess you are right.

  3. That picture is hilarious. Did you create it?

  4. I would loose my shit if I met a celebrity.

  5. It's the way of the word. No sense in fighting it.


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