Friday, February 10, 2012

Stepping off the high dive

I read a lot of blogs, but the best by far is Talk to Strangers. The blogger, Fletcher, made a vow to overcome his inhibitions toward talking to strangers, and he writes about his experiences meeting new people. How great is that idea?

As he points out in his blog it's not just an idea, it's a lifestyle change.

I wrote in a comment on Fletcher's blog that I tried his experiment but chickened out. I noted that it felt like stepping off the high dive. It really did. I walked up to a stranger in Trader Joe's to ask if they knew what the letter classification on maple syrup meant and I just couldn't do it.

I ended up getting no maple syrup at all, which is pretty lame, I've got to admit.

My transition from the farm to the city has gone well so far, but it would be SO much better if I could just get over this social anxiety problem. Practically everyone in this city is a stranger to me and if can't bring myself to meet them I'm never going to "pop the bubble" and get the most out of life.

I've got a lot to learn from Fletcher, and you probably do too. Go read his blog.

And please keep reading mine.


  1. I will take your advice and read the stranger blog.I might even try to talk to one myself.

  2. Don't sweat it, Sue. Everybody is afraid. It's just like in theater class when they tell you to imagine the audience in their underwear.

    Everyone has got anxiety. Even the ones who don't seem like it.

    You're a kid. Enjoy life, girl.

  3. Good blogs, yours and his. You should try mine, if you don't mind me stumping for my cause. Life lessons for people looking for such things. Couldn't hurt.

  4. Your blog is kind of all over the place if you don't mind the criticism. I think what Fletcher's has , and yours lacks, is focus. "An anonymous girl's journey" sounds good. Try to focus on that. Right now your blog reads like a journal.

  5. I've got to say I'm impressed with you.


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