Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lion sketch

Okay, here's my lion sketch. I have to admit I cheated by looking at a placard here at the museum. I seriously couldn't look at the Tsavo lions without getting uncomfortable.

Don't laugh, I'm trying!


  1. You've got some talent sue dont give up!

  2. I won't laugh. It's much better tah I can do. The museum is a good tourist place but I can't believe your going to miss the super bowl.

    1. I didn't see any of the Super Bowl but people were going crazy all over the place yesterday. Maybe next year when I know more about football..

  3. well i was searching for some old art and yeah nice drawing only that it was stolen i made that drawing years ago and it´s so funny to see it stolen hahahahaha and yeah you cheated
    i hope that you stopped stealing drawings and started drawing on you own have a nice day


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