Friday, February 3, 2012

My new blog!

This is my first entry and I have no idea what I'm doing.  I'm 18 and have been home schooled without computers of any kind; just short of being Amish (sorry Mom & dad!)  So please bear with me!

My name isn't really Sue Donymous.  That's kind of a joke because pseudonymous means anonymous, sort of.  My name is Sue D. though and I'm happy that you're reading my blog.

I love science and art, good books and horseback riding.

Now that I'm living on my own  I'll be posting my experiences in a strange new world - one with TVs and computers!


  1. Welcome to the real world, Sue!

  2. If you like pizza try Gino's East. Deep dish paradise, baby!

    You are cute in your picture:O

  3. Sue come join us on facebook at Sasquatch lives?. Like your blog, keep doing it, you might have something here.
    Damian from (Sasquatch Lives?).

    1. I hope so! I'm not really sure if I'm doing this (blogging) right.

  4. Good luck! I wish you success on your journey.


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